Are zebras endangered ?

Not all species of zebra are endangered. In the past, Grevy’s zebra or desert zebra was spread from Egypt to North Africa, where it was exterminated back in ancient times. It is assumed that it was her ancient naturalists who called the “tiger horse”.

The number of Greevi zebras in the 1970s was about 15,000, by the beginning of the 21st century there were only 3,500 individuals, which is 75% less. To date, it is believed that the number of living in the wild zebra Grevy is no more than 2,500. In captivity contain about 600 zebras.

Over the centuries, Grevy’s zebra was a merciless hunt, in order to get a beautiful skin, which became a favorite decoration of the interior. In addition, the zebra was destroyed, considering it an undesirable competitor to livestock in pastures. More recently, it turned out that Grevy’s zebras eat especially tough kinds of herbs that can not be digested by cattle.

Currently in Somalia and Ethiopia Grevy’s zebra is almost completely exterminated, only in Kenya it was possible to implement effective measures to preserve the species.