Are zebras herbivores ?

Yes, zebras are herbivores. All plant food is what wild zebra animals like. Leaves, bushes, branches, a variety of herbs and tree bark – that’s what representatives of this genus prefer. A zebra is an animal savannah very gluttonous. They eat just a huge amount of vegetation. They need a lot of water to drink such a sushi, for this it will need about 8-10 liters per day.

Pregnancy lasts 345-390 days. Mostly one baby is born from her. He weighs an average of about 30 kg. An hour after birth, the colt can freely walk and ride alone.

Breastfeeding lasts for a child more than a year, despite the fact that after a week he tries to pinch the grass on his own. In 50% of cases newborn zebras die from attacks of predatory animals in the form of hyenas, crocodiles, lions.

Progeny in females appears once in three years. In a year and a half the animals are finally ripening in the sex plan and ready for independent life. But to the appearance of the baby the female is ready only after three years.

Reproductive abilities are preserved in zebra before the age of 18 years. Live zebra at will from 25 to 30 years. In captivity, their life expectancy is somewhat increased, and they live up to 40 years.