Are zebras white with black stripes ?

In fact, the zebra is black in a white stripe, and not vice versa. Since the black bands are caused by the genetic process of selective pigmentation (the presence of a pigment), hence black is the main pigment, and the white band is its absence.

There are three kinds of zebras: desert, savanna, mountain. We always dealt with savanna zebras. It can be distinguished by wide strips and by the presence of shadow strips.

Mountain zebra. It has wider black bars and thinner white spaces. And, as you can see, there are no shady bands. Deserted zebra. Thin bands located close to each other. And yet she has a wide dark strip that stretches along the spine.

It is worth mentioning still Zebra Quagga, which, unfortunately, was completely exterminated in 1878. She looked like this: