Armadillos – information

All armadillos are land animals. They, albeit clumsily, but rather quickly run. Their front paws are armed with long, powerful claws, which are used to dig a burrow or dig an anthill. The speed with which these animals burrow into the loose ground is simply amazing: in a matter of seconds the armadillo is able to hide from the eyes, actively working with its front paws.

Very rich in their arsenal of defensive techniques. At the slightest danger, the animal instantly turns into a ball – try to unfold it. But that’s not all. Using long, powerful claws, the armadillo¬† tries to dig into the ground, digging it straight from under him.

Hidden to a depth of 20-30 centimeters, the beast-“tank” does not curl up, but on the contrary, spreads out its shell and “anchored” with its help in the ground – try to pull it out.

Another protective mechanism, because of which in Texas they received a nickname – “lying policeman” – it’s a sharp and high jump upright, which works extremely inefficiently with the approaching car. Of course, such a device can frighten or disorient a predator, but drivers, unfortunately, do not have time to react.

Armadillos are widespread in these parts, and often go out onto roads and so Texas roads are strewn with their corpses. Quite a few armadillos are dying under the wheels of cars, but quite a large proportion of these animals are being hunted because of the taste characteristics of their meat.