Baboons – information

The baboons do not starve. Their main concern is not to be someone’s lunch. Everyone likes to eat a monkey: leopards, cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, eagles, even lions do not disdain on occasion. The safety of the pack provides an alert watch and a special “baboon” tactic of protection. When the flock waits for danger, the baboons scatter in different directions, so that the hunter has a choice problem. In those two seconds, while the “danger” will decide which of the runaway monkeys to write down in a potential dinner, the baboons have already gotten cold!

The survival of the pack is a strict discipline and solidarity. The guarantor of safety is the most important baboon in the flock – the big, strong Alfa-male. It is he who owns the most tasty piece, absolutely all females (like a harem), it is he who controls his “state”. The male supports a strict hierarchy of the pack, during the estrus, he alone has the right to fertilize all female flocks, and the one who encroaches on food while the Alpha-male is hungry, he publicly, that is, “acquired” punishes.

The only idyllic moment in the life of baboons is mutual grooming. This process is akin to human kisses – the apogee of tenderness and trembling adoration. Monkeys sit on their powerful sciatic calluses for a long time and choose dust and insects from each other’s wool.

African farmers to the baboons feed true hatred. These monkeys often arrange raids on cultivated fields. And the cleverness of the insolent does not take: in case of danger, specially set up a watchman warns the flock with a special sound. If the danger belongs to the male sex and has a firearm iron stick in his hand, the baboons scatter in full. If the danger is a woman, the thieves not only do not try to escape, but they calmly continue their meal, they can also attack.

Baboon can easily climb into an open tent, jeep or house to steal food. Wisdom, speed, agility, sharp teeth and numerous flocks are the guarantee of a comfortable existence. A feature of baboons is to adapt to almost any lifestyle. In captivity, for example, baboons quickly become tamed and remain loyal to their master.