Baby sea lion

After the first moult, the Baby sea lions are confined to a separate group. The further life of young people takes place in such bachelor herds until the animals become sexually mature. Females begin to multiply in the third year of life, and males, because of high competition, acquire harems only to 5-7 years. Sea lions live about 20 years.

In nature, sea lions are attacked by sharks and killer whales, some animals die in a collision with ships. It is interesting that the natural wits of lions are used by them to protect themselves from predators.

A case is known when a sea lion, colliding in an open sea with a killer whale, approached the yacht. Absolutely wild animal all the way demonstrated to people that they need help and asked for protection.

Sea lions are the few animals that have escaped the fate of mass destruction. Low economic benefits from the production of sea lions saved these animals from fishing. In California, the number of these animals has even increased. At the same time, some subspecies of sea lions (Oakland New Zealand sea lion) need protection due to displacement from their rookeries by humans.