Baby sparrow

If you find a baby sparrow, you should find out how to take care of it, but before you take it to yourself, make sure that he is an orphan. The mortality rate among captive-bred birds is high, therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to return the chick to parents.

Make sure that the chick is really left without parents. If he has feathers, this is a leaflet that learns to fly, so it should be left on the ground. Take the chick out only if it is threatened by a predator or if the parents do not return within an hour. If the chick does not have feathers, it should be in the nest, so look for the nest somewhere nearby. Gently lift the bird and return it to the nest.

Take care of your health. Pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system are not advised to touch wild chicks. They can be carriers of infections (for example, salmonella), which is transmitted to people.

Try to avoid excessive influence on the bird. If the bird is too much to communicate with a person, she decides that he is her parent, because of what will stop being afraid of people. So it will be more difficult for you to release it to freedom. If you just want to hold the bird at home until it gets stronger, do not take it in your hands, especially during feeding. You should preserve the bird’s innate fear of man.