Baby squirrel

Squirrels are very touching and devoted to matter and always take care of their babies. Baby squirrels are born naked and blind, like small pink lumps. Their length is not more than 5 cm, and the weight is about 8 g. After delivery, the squirrel itself cleans up the dwelling. Since the young always need maternal warmth, when the female leaves the nest, it must cover them with a soft and warm litter.

On the 14th day they have hair follicles, and the teeth are cut approximately on the 30th day. At the same time, they open their eyes. During this period they show curiosity to everything around them and already slowly begin to look out of the nest.

It happens that in the nest are planted fleas or ticks. In such cases, the squirrel carries the baby squirrels to another spare nest. Young ones need milk up to 1.5 months.

At this age they are already trying to make the first trip out of the nest. Having reached the age of 11 months, the cubs become independent and leave the mother. Already at the age of one year they reach puberty and can reproduce themselves.