Baby swan name

Baby swan name is cygnet. The main time swans spend on the water of large lakes with reed thickets. Swim slowly, majestically, confidently. In remote places, their white plumage attracts travelers like a ghost of light in the darkness.

Dipped into the water head in search of food pulls his body, creates a funny oval feather pillow of dazzling whiteness with a small tail. It seems that nothing will disturb their peace. But in nature, danger is overtaken by everyone. Golden eagles and river osprey attack the proud birds.

Swans can develop great speed afloat or run on the water on takeoff and slapping paws on the watery surface. Even on a boat they can not be caught. If the bird can not fly, it dives and swims under the water from danger.

Swans are proud and not tolerating neighbors. They protect their territory, they do not let strangers. A pair of swans do not like to be disturbed.