Badgers – information

Badgers live in burrows, which they dig themselves. Nora badger consists of several long tunnels, inlets and nesting chambers. Sometimes the length of tunnels in one hole reaches 5-10 meters, and the number of moves in a dwelling can amount to 50 holes. Nest cameras, as a rule, have badgers 2 or 3. For each camera, he carefully follows, constantly changing the litter. Their badger nests are arranged in such a way that no rainwater can not penetrate there.

Most badgers spend their lives in their homes. Almost the whole summer and half of autumn the badger is preparing for winter hibernation, accumulating during this period extra fat to survive the winter. This is the only representative in his family who sleeps in the winter. The rest of the cuni are active all year round.

With the advent of November in early December, the badger falls into a hibernation. In some more northern regions, he sleeps already in the middle of October or in early November. Sometimes in winter badgers can wake up and get out of their holes. This happens most often during the winter thaw. In countries with a warmer climate badgers do not sleep in the winter, where they lead an active lifestyle all year round.

Badger does not carry a direct threat to man. But at the same time he endures a dangerous disease for man – rabies. It used to be that the badger also tolerates cattle tuberculosis, but recent studies have confirmed that the badger is not the bearer of bovine tuberculosis.

Due to the fact that the badger can tolerate these diseases, he continues to be actively destroyed. In order not to hunt badgers, in Europe they are vaccinated in the wild. In addition to the destruction of badger as a carrier of diseases, hunting is conducted in Russia and Ukraine with the aim of using its fat in alternative medicine.

In addition to the above reasons for extermination, the badger is destroyed as a pest of crops. Although it benefits a person much more than harm. In his diet, a large number of pests of agriculture.

As a result of such a mass extermination, the badger was threatened with extinction and was listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.