Barn owls

In the scientific world Barn owls is called tyto alba. Where does the barn owl live? It can be found on all the continents of the Earth, except for Antarctica, because even birds with such feathering as the owls can not bear the severe cold of the glacial continent. In our country, these owls can only be seen in the Kaliningrad region.

Some scientists call Barn owl with a monkey face. Indeed, there is some kind of similarity … In the people this bird is called a ghostly owl, a night owl, a squealing owl. These feathers reach a length of about 40 centimeters. Wings in the open state are meter-long.

Above, the bird is colored in reddish tones with ashy impregnations and dark spots. The abdomen area is white with some admixture of yellow pestrin. The head is round, the muzzle has a flattened appearance and white plumage. The eyes of the animal are very large and expressive. In a word, the appearance of a Barn owl is quite memorable, especially if it is unexpected to meet her in the forest in twilight.

By the way, for this habit people also nicknamed it a ghostly owl, because it almost flies noiselessly, and then abruptly appears in front of a person. Ghost Casper – just a child’s joke compared to the antics of this bird!

The Barn owl was named for her hoarse voice, more like a hoarse cough. And the owl can loudly click its beak, terrifying people who decide to rest in the forest silence.

Like all owls, Barn owl is a real winged predator. On the hunt, she flies in the dark. Special auditory receptors and a noiseless flight give this bird an incredible advantage in night hunting. In the daytime, the owl prefers to sleep in coolness and shade. It settles on a tree so that it is not noticeable.

The diet of this night bird includes field mice, small birds, hamsters, frogs. If the barn owl has noticed the prey, then the one can not escape the sharp eyes and sharp hearing of the predator. The victim of an owl grabs right on the fly, clamps her with his tenacious claws and carries him to a place where he can calmly regale her.