Barracudas – information

Barracuda is called marine pike is not accidental, and although the internal structure of them is completely different, outwardly they are very similar. A powerful jaw almost exactly resembles a river namesake. Behavior is also similar: in rare flocks, only young people gather, and adult individuals are kept alone. They attack from the ambush, waiting for the victim in the rocks, on the border of the underwater grass and open water. Only occasionally barracudas can pursue a flock of small fish, which is not typical for the river or for the sea pike.

A narrow, powerful body with strong muscles allows the barracuda to perform lightning short-term jerks. Overtaking prey instantly, the barracuda mortally injures another fish not only with its sharp teeth, but also with a powerful blow.The diet of barracuda is varied, it hunts fish, shrimp, squid and even its relatives. Any marine creature, which is smaller than its size, can be attacked by a pike. Given that the barracuda grows to 2 m in length, it can be assumed that even meter-long fish fall into her mouth.

In the nature of recorded cases of attacks of barracudas on people. The truth is that the attack was committed in muddy water, and the fish simply could not see properly the object of hunting. However, sometimes large barracudas gather in small flocks for joint hunting for large concentrations of fish.

Knocking a flock of small fish in a tight ball barracuda attack him in turn. It is possible that a man for a barracuda cluster also seems to be just a large hunting object that can be successfully attacked if you act together. In addition, the barracuda avoids dirty or muddy water, so it is not likely to meet with it in such a place. Therefore, the justification for the actions of fish associated with poor visibility is somewhat strained.