This sea predator is one of the most dangerous. Its habitat was the tropical waters of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The length of a large barracuda can reach two meters. Fishermen have known this predator since ancient times, while comparing it with the peak, which is understandable – these fish actually resemble their peak due to the wedge-shaped head and the large jaw advanced. The whole jaw is seated with sharp teeth.

The body has an elongated shape, its color varies from a grayish-brown to a silvery color, with dark spots at its back and sides. There are no differences between males and females in appearance. The favorite habitat of barracuda are the coral reefs. In large flocks, mostly young barracudas are knocked down, and adults prefer a single way of life or existence in small groups. There is no reliable information about when large barracudas spawn. According to some zoologists this occurs in the spring, according to others – all the year round.

The barracuda eggs spawn in the fresh water of the estuaries and, having completed this process, considers their parental duty to be fulfilled. The descendants of these predators remain in fresh water, then as long as they do not grow to 8 cm, and then they change their place of location to deeper places located near the reed thickets.

When the size of the young reaches 30 cm, it begins to gradually move to the open ocean. By the time when young barracudas reach it, their length increases to 50 cm, and the fish themselves can stand up for themselves. Literally since birth, large barracudas eat only fish, in which their mouth, very capable of opening them very much, helps them. This feature gives the barracuda the opportunity to hunt for a fairly large prey. Barracudas hunt in two ways: the first – they sit in ambush, the second – suddenly and swiftly attack.

The main hunting objects of the big barracuda are sardines, bulls, herring, anchovies, mullet and other fish. Moreover, these fish are very greedy – they often kill more fish than they can eat. Apparently such makes them a hunting instinct., Attacks of large barracudas on drivers have been fixed, and the wounds inflicted on them are very serious. Although, in fairness, it must be said that the drivers themselves provoke these predators themselves, disturbing them.