Bats – information

Among all mammal species, only bats are capable of flying. And their flight is quite difficult to confuse with other animals, because it is quite different from the usual spectacle for our eyes. This kind of flight is inherent in bats because their wings are somewhat similar to a small parachute. They do not need to constantly flap their wings for flight, bats, rather, repel in the air.

Indeed, there are mice that need blood. There are three such species. But the cases when a bat attacked a person, in order to “taste” his blood is practically nonexistent. Bats, first of all, focus on animals that can not resist them. Such animals include, for example, cows. These species live in South and Central America.

There are rumors that bats are capable of carrying a serious infection, and in interaction with a person, creatures can infect him with a dangerous disease. In fact, North American bats in the last half century were infected by only 10 people. The bats themselves are much more afraid of bats than we are. Therefore, creatures try not to meet with a person, and in case of contact immediately fly away. If you are bitten by a bat, you should not worry about it. If you immediately go to the hospital, nothing serious will happen – a normal injection will save you from unnecessary fear. Here it is worth to fear another, if a bat drank at least a little of your blood, then it is very likely that this very creature will “come again” to you in the near future. She seems to understand that you are an affordable power source, so she chooses you. If, of course, he can find you, and it is quite possible to do this, since bats remember and distinguish a person by his breath.

You will never meet thick bats, since the metabolism is so fast that they can digest a large amount of food in about 20 minutes. This food includes berries, bananas, mangoes and the like.

Bats have poorly developed vision, but it does not hinder their hunting in the dark. And this is due to the fact that their hearing is many times greater than the human. During the flight, they issue a “squeak”, which changes the echo, so the bats understand where to fly. Active life of the creature lives at night because it’s safe enough – the enemy is hard to recognize the dark bat in the late night, besides, and hunting for their food is pretty simple, because their food at night prefers to sleep, unlike bats. Sounds that you have probably heard more than once, it’s not them, so to speak, “conversation”, this is the ability to safely move with the help of hearing.

Soon, if there are no changes, we can never again meet bats in the US. To date, 50% of the varieties of these creatures are on the brink of extinction. The reason for this is the human factor. The environment does not allow the bats to lead the way in which they need, so they have to leave their home. But not everyone finds a new habitat for themselves, as a result of which they simply perish from despair and lack of food.

At the moment, about 1100 species of bats are recorded, so they occupy a quarter of the class of mammals. The probability that you will encounter all kinds of life in your life is practically zero.