Bengal tiger predators

Bengal tiger only predator is human. Bengal tiger is listed in the Red Book of IUCN, (as an endangered species), as well as in the CITES Convention. In the world, there are approximately 3,250-4,700 Bengal tigers, including animals living in zoos and circuses.

The main threat to the species is poaching; destruction and loss of habitat; Destruction of tigers as harmful predators attacking livestock; revenge for the murder of relatives.

Bengal tigers prey on wild boar, roe deer, deer , antelope, goat, buffalo, young elephants, leopards, red wolves, jackals and foxes, crocodiles, as well as small vertebrates (frogs, fish, badgers, monkeys, porcupines, snakes, birds) and insects (termites). Do not disdain and carrion.

Males do not eat fish and rabbits, females do – on the contrary – eagerly eat fish and offal. In one sitting, an adult Bengal tiger can eat up to 40 kg of meat, and then starve for up to three weeks.