Bengal tiger size

Size of male┬áBengal tiger – up to 3 m (with tail), females – up to 2.7 m, tail length about 90 cm. One of the most rare varieties of Bengal tigers are the white Bengal tigers. The white tiger is a Bengal tiger whose genes have succumbed to a mutation, which means that it has a white color with black stripes.

Black tigers are known to have black fur with light stripes, but are even less common than white tigers.

Bengal tiger is dominant in its environment carnivorous predator. Hunting for his prey, the Bengal tiger chases her until he has the opportunity to catch her by surprise. Bengal tigers primarily prey on large mammals, including deer, wild boars, cattle and goats. For many centuries, the agricultural and livestock activities of the people of India have suffered from attacks by Bengal tigers on livestock.

Because of the size and power of the Bengal tiger, it does not have natural enemies in its natural surroundings. People who prey on tigers, and loss of habitat are the only threats to the Bengal tiger.