Bengal tigers

The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris or Panthera tigris bengalensis) is sometimes called the royal Bengal tiger. This subspecies of the tiger is the second largest species among the rest of the species.

These wild cats can be found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, in the south of Tibet and in Myanmar. They live in forests of tropical and subtropical zones, in meadows, in broad-leaved forests, and also among mangrove thickets. In India and Bangladesh, by the way, the Bengal tiger is a national animal.

Adult males of the Bengal tiger weigh about 200 kilograms, and their length is almost 2 meters (plus the length of the tail is about 90 centimeters). Female Bengal tiger is slightly smaller: their mass reaches 140 kilograms, and the length is slightly less than 2.5 meters (along with the tail). The largest, ever recorded Bengal tiger weighed 389.5 kilograms.

These predators are incredibly strong, they are able to attack the victim, even if it exceeds them in size: it seems that their fearlessness has no limit! Bengal tigers have powerful canines, the size of which is more than 10 centimeters. In addition to the canines, nature endowed the Bengal tigers with sharp retractable claws, capable of tightly digging into the body of the victim. These predators have excellent hearing and sight.

The skin of the Bengal tiger is red with black stripes, the abdominal region is white. In the 70s scientists brought out the white Bengal tiger, these unique individuals differ not only in black and white skin, but also in the blue color of the iris of the eye. But in the nature of white Bengal tigers you will not see – you can admire them only in the zoo.