Biggest snake

Anyone who at least once met face to face with a snake will be confirmed, an unexpected meeting is always unpleasant and causes a single desire – to bounce off. But if you see a snake from a distance, you can view it and observe its behavior.

It is worth noting that human fears for snakes are exaggerated. If you study their behavior, you can understand – the probability of dying in an accident is much higher than from a snake bite. Nevertheless, there are such snakes that involuntarily bring fear. So what is the biggest snake in the world. The longest or largest snake in the world is the Asian mesh python. It, in the natural environment, grows to 10 or even 12 meters in length. Each individual can reach 150 kilograms. But not anymore.

Giant or Green. It is only 10 meters long, but its weight can be 220 kilograms. However, the Green Anaconda can quite compete with the Asian python both in size and length. The largest snake of the living, dwells in New York, in the terrarium of the zoological society. Its growth is about 9 meters, and weight is 130 kilograms.

But the biggest length of the anaconda, which was fixed – 11 meters and 43 centimeters. It was measured in 1944 by a petroleum geologist who studied the jungles of Colombia and was looking for deposits of “black gold”.