Black bears – information

The black bear is distinguished by amazing dexterity, speed and strength. The beast easily turns heavy stones, the weight of which reaches 150 kg. While running, it can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h. The smell of this species is perhaps the best among all other bears. Baribal has good eyesight, and his intelligence is at a high level. In captivity, the beast quickly learns to distinguish between triangles, squares and circles. He is very smart and easy to train.

The black bear feeds on plant food. It is up to 85% of his daily diet. In the toothy mouth fall young shoots, bushes, berries, fruits, nuts, kidneys and various herbs. The beast loves honey. If the beehive is located in the hollow of a tree, the toed will not leave until it reaches a sweet treat. However, he does not pay any attention to the bites of bees.

Eats baribal and insects. These are bees, ants and their larvae. The beast is a great fisherman. The fish he catches mostly at night, so that the same salmon did not notice the black fur during the day. Hunting black bear and ungulates. These are deer and moose. At the last, the beast can even ambush, hiding in thickets. Birds also get from this toothy inhabitant of America. Baribal climbs on both rocks and trees. He attends to both chicks and eggs.

Animal lives in a wooded area. Each bear has its own territory. She is jealously guarded from strangers. Males live in proud solitude, and females live with cubs. And several ladies can be united in one big group. So it is easier to educate and teach the lives of the younger generation. For the winter, baribal is preparing a lair. He arranges it most often under the roots of trees. Sometimes in crevices between rocks, less often in caves. Can dig a deep hole, cover the bottom with grass and leaves, and with the first snowfall lie down in it. Snow covers the black bear with a white fur coat, and he hibernates under it.