Black rhinos – information

The Black Rhinos is a vegetarian animal, is one of two species of African rhinos  (there is also a white rhinoceros). In nature, there are 4 subspecies of the black rhinoceros. At present, the Cameroonian subspecies of the black rhinoceros is officially declared extinct. In Africa, in other parts of it, the population of this animal has survived. The last time a black rhinos were met in nature in 2006. On November 10, 2013, the Nature’s MIS announced that the Cameroonian subspecies was completely destroyed by poachers.

In general, each of the remaining 3 subspecies of the black rhinos exists in the wild, but to date the animals are on the verge of extinction. And you can not even literally take “at face value”, the figures announced by researchers about endangered black rhinos, as one of the biologists’ teams presented evidence that 1/3 of the black rhinoceroses, considered completely extinct, may actually be alive.

In the world there are about three and a half thousand black rhinos , and most of all – the southeastern representatives of the genus. Black rhinos are listed in the Red Book. Their population is relatively stable, but in the long run, the survival of the genus is at risk due to uncontrolled poaching.Black rhinoceroses mate regardless of the season. After fertilization, the female has a calf from 15 to 16 months, and always only one is born. Mom’s milk rhino sucks on average for two years from birth.

Representatives of the family lead a solitary lifestyle, with the exception of mothers living with their immature cubs. Black rhinos are mostly sedentary, although some individuals like to travel. Each rhino has its own territory, which it marks. Unlike the rhinoceroses of Asia, these allow strangers to enter their land.Black rhinos like to lie in the mud, while they can not swim. They graze when it’s not too hot – early in the morning and late at night. They hide from the sun in the shade. At night, rhinos sleep until nine o’clock, usually half sitting down, less often lying down.

Among rhinos fights with a fatal outcome are rare. The initiator of the collision is usually females. In relation to most other species, with the exception of constantly neighboring with them, rhinoceroses are hostile. Often they attack elephants, perishing. Although the natural enemies of rhinos do not have, the aliens sometimes die in the teeth of the lion and hyena.