Brown bears – information

For about half a year the brown bear spends in the den, falling into a hibernation. The place for the lair is selected in hard-to-reach places, and the winter dwelling itself is arranged under the twisted roots of trees, in rock clefts or a thick windbreak, and inside is lined with moss and grass. Hibernation in the beast is very sensitive, if disturbed, it will awaken, and will seek a new place to sleep.

In lean years, when a brown bear can not gain enough fat reserves, it does not go into hibernation, but wanders about in search of food. Such a beast is called a connecting rod, it is very aggressive, and in search of food, it can even attack a person.

Marriage games for bears are held in May-June, and are accompanied by a roar and fierce fights between males, which sometimes lead even to the death of the enemy.

After mating, the bear 6 months old is bearing the young, which appear in the month of January in the den. Usually two cubs are born, absolutely helpless and half a kilogram in weight. When the family comes out of the den, the cubs already have a size with the dog, and begin to feed as adults.

Bear cubs spend 2 years with their mother, mature in the 3-4 years, and live brown bears in nature until 30 years.