Buffaloes – information

Buffaloes – animals are sedentary, in many respects this is due to their laziness and large dimensions. They move little, their step is very difficult. But if they are in danger, the buffaloes can accelerate to 57 km / h … just imagine this spectacle from the side: a herd of buffaloes running at such a speed – more like an impending tornado, from which there is no escape!

This is known to the natural enemies of buffaloes, such as the lion, for example. Therefore, a cunning predator can wait for a long time, until one of the buffaloes retires to a safe distance from the rest of the herd … and then the lion attacks his prey with all his quickness. In addition to lions, buffaloes, crocodiles and flocks of hyenas lead to hunting buffalo.

Of all the species of buffaloes on our planet, the most numerous is the African buffalo. The creation of protected areas and national parks promotes an increase in the population of these animals.

As for the buffalo of Indian origin, this wild bull is considered very rare. Every year the population of this subspecies is decreasing, even attempts to consolidate the population by creating a protected zone help these animals to restore their livestock in the natural environment.

But the buffalo anoa, inhabiting the island of Sulawesi, is considered even rarer. In the old days, this species was badly damaged by poachers. Today, scientists are struggling to preserve the population of this rare animal, but so far, unsuccessfully.