Bunnies – information

Bunnies perfectly orient in the dark, by the way, at sunset and at dawn there is a special activity. Bunnies are long-livers, but the length of their lives depends on the conditions of their maintenance and breed. Home pet lives relatively longer than its wild congeners. Record on the duration of rabbit life recorded at around 19 years.

Bunny sweats only through the feet and can die from heat stroke, so animals are very important to keep away from direct sunlight.

The Bunny has 28 teeth, behind the anterior incisors there are tiny teeth. Rabbits make 120 masticatory movements per minute. They can boast an enviable appetite and eat everything that grows, and, in large numbers. One rabbit can eat as much grass as is enough to fill a large pillow.

Owners of excellent teeth, Bunnies  are not rodents, they are “hare-shaped” . A distinctive feature of lagomorphs is eating food twice. And, the second time they eat the contents of their large intestine, resembling the kind of bunch of green grapes and infested with bacteria that produce essential nutrients and vitamins.

The longest ears of Jeronim, the Bunny of the English ram breed are 79.06 centimeters. This record was recorded in the Guinness book in 2003.

The Bunny jumps one meter in height and three meters in length (fixed records), and this is a very good performance compared to the size of the jumper. Rabbits can be distracted in their name and recognize the owner, rising on their hind legs.