Butterflies – information

Butterflies refer to the form of lepidopteran insects. Entomologists have discovered more than 160,000 varieties, and this figure is growing every year. On their Egyptian frescoes, their first images were found. This gives grounds to assume about the ancient origin. Scientists claim that insects, similar to modern butterflies, appeared 40 million years ago.

Butterflies have an exoskeleton that provides the right level of water inside the body. The taste of the plant is felt by the paws, since it is there that the receptors are concentrated. 4 wings are covered with scales that reflect sunlight, which gives an incomparable color. Such patterns help to hide from predators, for example, birds.

The eyes of the butterfly consist of 6000 tiny lenses. At the same time they are shortsighted and are able to distinguish only shades of red, yellow and green. They also do not hear, but they catch the vibration. The male of the Imperial Moth feels the fragrance of the female at a distance of more than 10 km in any weather. And the organ of speech is only with the brave Dead Head. In a situation of fear and danger, this butterfly begins to squeak. Butterfly Prince of Darkness The largest butterfly – Prince of Darkness, at night it can be confused with a bird. The smallest – Rediculosis with a wingspan of 2 mm.

To fly, butterflies need solar heat. Surprisingly, such miniature creatures weigh as a rose petal reach a speed of 20 km / h. There are also such species that develop a speed of more than 60 km / h. The most enduring is the monarch butterfly, which flies thousands of kilometers without stopping.

They live only a few days. Only Brixton butterfly is recognized as a longevity with a term of up to 10 months. One butterfly lays off offspring exceeding 1,000 eggs.

In ancient Rome, they sang, calling them “flowers blown by the wind.” In Japan, they symbolize everything bright and clean, therefore at the wedding celebration the Japanese give newlyweds paper butterflies. In the US, a fine of $ 500 is approved for the bullying and anguish of these insects. In Sweden, there are clinics where anti-stress therapy is conducted in greenhouses with butterflies. It is known that the Buddha addressed the sermon precisely to the butterfly, which is very revered by Buddhists until now.