Can bears climb trees ?

They can, but they do not need it. There is no special food there. And if there is, then the tree can always be shaken. Climb the tree. Your task is to climb at least 4 m from the ground. On the trunks for catching only young brown bears, and they do not like to bother too much.

Panda, or a bamboo bear, the original inhabitant of China, eats bamboo (that’s why it is named). About 30 kg of bamboo leaves and shoots can be eaten by an adult specimen. They seize this favorite food with insects, flies, wasps, beetles, bird eggs, small animals they can catch, and also fish that go to spawn.

Himalayan bears eat leaves of palm, mice and other rodents, and in long tongues are able to extract earthworms and termites right from their house.

They also love honey, but it is not so easy to find it in the mountain forests of Southeast Asia. And bears, when they want sweet, learn to crack coconuts and go to banana plantations.