Can chinchillas eat carrots ?

Yes, chinchillas can eat carrots, but they don’t really need it. The digestive system in chinchilla is delicate, so it is better to stick to one brand of feed in the form of granules designed specifically for them. Chinchillas also need hay daily, it should be dust free. From time to time, you can also give them pellets of timothy or grapes.

Several sheets of newsprint at the bottom of the cage will be enough, and they are easy to change every day. If you decide to use a soft litter, take pine sawdust. Red cedar contains toxic phenols for chinchillas and should never be used. You should change the litter as often as possible.

Wild chinchillas like to wallow in dust, so they clean themselves. Use a bath with sand, put it in a cage for fifteen to twenty minutes, and let your chinchilla clean yourself. She should take such baths two or three times a week.

Do not wash the chinchilla with water, because it has thick fur, and it dries out for a long time, which can lead to fungal diseases of the skin. The chinchilla fur is so dense that fleas and other parasites can not live there!