Can ducks fly ?

Most birds can fly. Most people with the phrase “a bird that can not fly” comes to mind, of course, the chicken. But this judgment is not entirely true, because a hen can fly, too. Her longest flight lasted 13 seconds. Many are mistaken, thinking that domestic ducks know how to fly.

Due to the fact that domestic ducks, most of which are broilers, gain very decent weight already 2-3 months after their birth, it becomes impossible for them to fly. We can say that it was not the ability to fly in domestic ducks that was already formed at the genetic level and is inherited. However, not only homemade ducks are united! In the future, it will be specifically about these species.

Mostly ducks fly in packs, using a flight style, called a wedge. This type of flight helps them to save more energy. At long flights in front of the whole flock the leader flies, and the youngest or weakest individuals fly the latest. After the leader makes a sweep of the wing, an ascending jet of air appears, which behind the flying birds is used so that it “pushes” them forward.

According to some information, due to the fact that the ducks fly with a wedge, they can save up to 25% of their energy. Let’s return directly to Peking ducks and Indotests. Despite the fact that these species of ducks are large enough, they can fly. Of course, their flight is not long, and even for long distances they can not fly, but still the fact remains: these kinds of ducks can fly.