Can elephants swim ?

Elephants can swim. These animals need abundant drinking and go to the watering places for many kilometers. By the way, elephants like to swim, watering themselves with water from the trunk, they swim well. A floating elephant is immersed in water with a head, exposing only the tip of the trunk to the outside.

The multiplying elephants, bounded by the territory of the reserve, began to suffer from a lack of food and they again had to be ripped off. In some cases, the relocation of elephants from places where they have become many, helps in areas where they do not exist. But the protection of elephants is hampered by smugglers and political conflicts in African countries.

Indian elephants do not hunt for tusks, but their situation is even more deplorable. Since Indian elephants live in the most densely populated region of the world, they are simply deprived of natural habitats captured by humans. Wild elephants catch for the purpose of domestication, but in captivity these animals almost do not reproduce.

So from nature the last individuals are seized. Hand elephants are one of the most ancient domesticated animals. From time immemorial they were used as a draft force for plowing the land, transporting people and cargo, and for military purposes. Elephants can be trained to raise and stack items, attack by command and just perform various tricks.