Can flamingos fly ?

Yes, flamingosĀ  can fly. Young flamingos acquire the ability to fly on the 65th-75th day of life. Before taking off, flamingos run on the water. Flamingo differs surprisingly graceful color, from the most simple – white, to the amazing dark pink.

People from ancient times considered flamingos a fairy bird, a creature from an impossible and beautiful dream. In nature, there are not many beautiful spectacles, like the simultaneous take-off of a half-million flock of flamingos.

Flamingo has the longest neck and the longest legs, of course, with respect to the size of the trunk. These birds feed on shallow water. They bend their necks so that their beaks turn upside down.

The edges of the beak are provided with small horny plates and denticles. With the help of their flamingo filters out from the water the tiny remnants of plants, small frogs and other animals.

To be full, a bird should eat about a quarter of its own weight per day. It is due to the substances contained in food that the feathers of flamingos become pink. If the substances are not enough, the color turns pale, and when they are not there at all, the bird becomes dirty white.