Can foxes be pets ?

The very first thing is that not every country is allowed to keep a fox at home, so you need to find out from competent people how things are in your country. The second and also important factor is the presence of a familiar veterinarian who at any moment can inspect the animal, provide him with veterinary care, make the necessary vaccinations.

A pet must have its own space. The fox must be provided with a lair in which it can hide at any time, potted sand, on which it can very quickly be trained to walk.

The more a person spends time with a fox, the closer the relationship between them. Domestic foxes are not much different from dogs and cats. They can also be played and led for a walk on a leash. Foxes can buy an animal in a pet store or find an ad for the sale of exotic animals.

Spring time is the period of birth of small foxes. Before the birth of the fox-mom digs a large pit, and can outwit some badger and occupy its territory.

The gestation period is approximately 44-58 days. Usually 4 to 6 babies are born. 45 days a caring mother feeds her children with milk, then gradually accustoms to solid food. After fulfilling two years, they become fully adult and independent, able to reproduce and procure their own food.