Can guinea pigs eat apples ?

Apple contain the richest source of vitamins such as A, B and C. The content of the latter is particularly large and may vary depending on the variety. In addition, this fruit helps to remove slags from the body of animals and improves digestion.

When feeding guinea pigs with apples, it is necessary to thoroughly clean them from seeds containing acid. If it is a poison for a person (enough to eat more than 4 bones to harm the body), then what can we say about rodents?

The most optimal and natural types of food for these rodents are meadow grass and some other types of meadow plants. They are the main source of protein and vitamin C, which can not synthesize guinea pigs alone.

But not in all types of plants and grass, these elements are kept in sufficient quantity, therefore, the feed must be a herbage. In addition, herbal fibers are involved in the process of digestion, helping food to mix with each other, and contribute to the natural wear of teeth.