Can guinea pigs eat bananas ?

Very nutritious product for both humans and animals. It is valuable for guinea pigs rich in fiber and glucose. If your animal is not accustomed to self-feeding, give bananas with caution, since they are caloric.

Animals should be able to selectively eat. Only with certain diseases and situations, feeding guinea pigs can be slightly corrected. In summer it is necessary to offer freshly collected green food every day, after gradual training, you can give in unlimited quantities.

Of course, urban residents do not have this opportunity, but when buying food in a supermarket, never feed spoiled, lethargic, polluted vegetables and greens.

Guinea pigs should not eat scum. Unlike other rodents (mice, rats, hamsters), guinea pigs in nature do not eat grain and animal products (they do not need additional animal protein), guinea pigs are strict vegetarians.