Can guinea pigs eat broccoli ?

Yes, you should feed guinea pigs with broccoli. Strengthens the immune system. May cause bloating in uninvited animals, as well as due to individual intolerance to organisms.

Dried vegetables, cut into slices or cubes, are not a suitable treat. They swell very strongly in the stomach, they can pollute its walls. If you offer, it is very rare. Dried fruits contain a lot of sugar, it is not recommended to give them.

Pressed baskets of hay. This is a milled hay with a coarse texture, further including various meadow grasses that hold the mold, thanks to pressing. Such a toy they can gnaw for several days. As a rule, the desired shape is achieved by cold pressing. You can offer from time to time.

Corn and corn flakes. Even with the flattening, it still contains a lot of starch. Healthy guinea pigs kept in an apartment do not need as much carbohydrates. Animals that are kept in the winter on the street can be offered several grains, but only as a treat.