Can guinea pigs eat cabbage ?

Unfortunately, there is a mass rumor that all kinds of cabbage are very harmful, lead to swelling and other problems with digestion. This application is very simplified and does not apply to all types of cabbage.

Few plants have such a high content of carbon, a large molecular weight of carbohydrates, fiber and water, especially for red cabbage, white cabbage and Brussels. Although, these kinds of cabbage can, well tolerated by some small animals, it is necessary to accustom to it gradually.

Most other types of cabbage are easier to digest and are quite healthy and nutritious food. They contain many phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Well tolerated, for example, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco.

&Sometimes cabbage can cause small gas formation in the intestines, but in healthy animals it does not lead to painful swellings. Gases naturally pass through the walls of the intestine and anus without having a strong foam. Problems with the feeding of cabbage (as well as other vegetables, herbs), usually arise only when the animals receive too little of the motor load, which leads to a weakening of the intestine. In addition, this is affected in general by poor nutrition (many proteins, fats, improper feeding, feeding with dry food), all this can contribute to problems with the intestines and, therefore, lead to swelling.