Can guinea pigs eat celery ?

You can feed guinea pigs with stems, leaves, roots of celery. The celery root should be well washed and cleaned. To introduce a new product into the diet should be gradually, starting with a small amount, 1 new species at a time, following the reaction of the body.

If you give a new vegetable or fruit, give a small slice, then slowly increase the portion, for several days, to give the intestines an adjustment. Do not give too many new fruits and vegetables at once. If you feed dry food, give it in the morning, with the addition of a new portion of hay, and a little later, offer some fresh food.

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to changes in the diet, so you should never quickly disaccustom them from dry food. Reduce its amount should be slowly every day, for 2-3 weeks, while the amount of juicy food is also gradually increase.

As a rule, the transition entirely to natural food takes about 1-2 months. It should not be mistaken to say that the intestine will prepare itself for more rapid restructuring. Young for juicy and new fodder should also be adapted gradually.