Can guinea pigs eat grapes ?

One of the most favorite pig dainties is grapes. Almost all representatives of the species eat it with pleasure and ask for supplements. The fact is that the grapes contain a large amount of fiber, which is vital for these animals. The presence of vitamin B also does not allow guinea pigs to safely bypass tasty berries.

Modern domestic guinea pigs are the result of domestication and artificial breeding of wild animals.

Their appearance is very different from their predecessors living in the wild. Nevertheless, the structure of internal organs, and in particular of the gastrointestinal tract, remained absolutely unchanged.

To understand the principle of nutrition of these animals, it is necessary to study their habitat and diet. So, native wild guinea pigs from Peru, they are also found in the Andes. The main source of nutrition is a luscious green grass. Also, these rodents like to eat berries, bark of trees, leaves, fallen fruits, if they are not very overripe, and branches.