Can guinea pigs eat kale ?

Kale is a good food for expanding the diet of herbivores. If you follow the simple rules, kale can be fed without problems:

  • If the animal often suffers from swelling or intestinal problems, kale should be discarded. In this case, animals suffer from unhealthy imbalance of intestinal flora and malnutrition. The diet of feeding of such animals should be reviewed, it is also necessary to visit a veterinarian and hand over the feces for analysis.
  • When you give kale for the first time, you should always offer only a very small amount (the size of a thumb, for large animals, for small animals with a thumbnail). If kale is normally transferred, its quantity can be slowly increased. Kale is not a full-fledged food, it should not be given every day, it should be administered in combination with various other feeds, only in small portions, distributed throughout the day, not in large quantities at a time!
  • If the kale has been lying in a cool place (refrigerator) for at least two days before serving, it is presumably easier to digest.
  • The outer leaves should be removed before use. Kohlrabi is cleaned, other kinds of kale are washed. Kale for our pets should be prepared so, if we ourselves were going to eat it raw. You can not feed waste from kale!
  • Animals should generally have a healthy diet and need to move a lot, so that the intestinal transit is normally carried out.