Can guinea pigs eat kiwi ?

Kiwi can be given rarely, because Fruit acids irritate the skin of the lips and oxidize urine. Fresh grass is not always available in sufficient quantities, especially in winter, as well as among urban residents. Even after the end of winter, the grass in the meadows is not always suitable for feeding.

Thus, feeding with hay finds a way out of this situation. Thanks to him, the intestine is in motion, the basic raw fibers are consumed in large quantities, which is useful for grinding teeth. Despite the fact that the grass is dry, it still contains many minerals and vitamins, and also plays an important role in the intensity of chewing.

Hay should always be present in unrestricted access in the diet of guinea pig. Every day it is necessary to offer a new portion of hay. Under no circumstances should you be forced to eat everything. stale hay promotes the development of bacteria harmful to the body, it can lead to fermentation in the intestine.

It is very important that hay for guinea pigs consisted of herbs as in wild meadows. It is perfectly normal if over 50% of hay is eaten. Even with the continuous supply of fresh grass, hay should always be!