Can guinea pigs eat mango ?

Exotic fruits such as mango, papaya, etc., can lead to serious digestive disorders, and they should not be given. Underfed guinea pigs can receive more vegetables, and those who are overweight, on the contrary, are less. Guinea pigs, who receive a variety of food, do not need additional supplements, vitamins and minerals.

If you give too many vegetables and fruits, rich in sugar, as well as hay of poor quality, then such feeding can lead to fermentation in the intestines. Do not give a large number of fruits at once. Although fruits are a good supplier of vitamins, they contain fruit acids, which can lead to fungus on teeth and lips. Due to succulence, sugar is fraught with swelling, diarrhea.

You can often hear a statement that the juicy products given in the morning can lead to problems with the intestines. This statement is not true. Guinea pigs eat around the clock, and should never remain only on one hay.

Nevertheless, if such a factor took place, then the supply of juicy food should be strictly limited and re-introduced gradually, starting with a small amount. Sharp fluctuations and permutations in the diet are not permissible.