Can guinea pigs eat oranges ?

Vitamin C is the secret of the success of citrus fruit among these animals. Juicy, nutritious flesh full of useful trace elements – what could be better for guinea pig? Feed your pet with oranges in early autumn to strengthen his immune system. Yes, yes, guinea pigs are prone to colds, and it is not so easy to treat it.

Wild predecessors of domestic guinea pigs live in the Andes and Peru, the main food of which is grass. In addition to the diet includes various plants, as well as bark, branches, leaves, roots, berries, fallen fruit.

Although our guinea pigs are visually very different from their wild predecessors, their digestion still works on the same principle, and their nutritional needs are similar to those of wild ancestors. In guinea pigs a thin stomach and a long intestine, in which a weak peristalsis.

Digestion of guinea pig normally functions only when they eat constantly, consume a lot of fiber and have unlimited access to food. Their teeth grow throughout their lives, so they need to constantly wear off. In a free access there should be a forage from each group (hay, leaves, green forage, vegetables, branches).