Can guinea pigs eat peaches ?

Peaches, plums and oranges contain too much fruit acid and can cause irritation on the lips. In the form of a fungus. It looks at first as if the guinea pig has become soiled, then like crusts in the gap between the lips. If you do not take measures, the crust will build up. They can not be torn off, it’s useless to soak, the growth of crusts will only increase.

Dry food – there are different brands. They can be bought at any pet store. In some, vitamin C is added. But such foods should not be considered as a substitute for juicy foods, since vitamin C has a short shelf life. And you overpay just for the inscription on the box. When buying dry food, make sure that it is for the guinea pig, not for the hamster or the rat.

In the stern for hamsters and rats there are many small grains, nuts and seeds, which is not very positive for the guinea pigs. They simply will not grasp them.

Pigs for a normal existence require feed containing a high percentage of protein. 28% or higher. Especially during pregnancy. Not all food can satisfy the needs of the organism of these animals.

But do not pester the thresholds of pet stores. Feed for laboratory animals, or feed for rabbits can be found in any region. Shop – it’s more like pampering pets. Although they value permanence more than diversity.