Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes ?

The green parts of the plant are poisonous, contain solanine. Overfeeding tomatoes can lead to diarrhea. With the advent of the summer season, before feeding grass unlimited, digestion must also be prepared.

To do this, take a small portion of herbs and plants and start to slowly enter the diet, increasing the number every day. If you give herbs too much, then the unused intestine can react to it with diarrhea and swelling.

Plaited pea contains lysine, which is needed in small amounts as a nutrient. Starch in the flattened peas is easier to digest. Thus, pea flakes are a useful addition. However, animals should not receive it permanently. One pea per day is enough, it is not necessary to give obese animals.

Sunflower seeds (peeled) contain fats, which are also useful in feeding. Again, once a day, 1-2 seeds are usually enough.