Can guinea pigs swim ?

If you live guinea pigs, most likely you periodically let them take a walk around the house or on the lawn. And if there is a pond next to the house, whether it’s a pond or a swimming pool, your pets risk falling into the water accidentally. Or maybe you yourself want to see how your pigs are swimming.

And then you naturally have the question: “Are guinea pigs able to swim?” Guinea pigs can swim from birth, they are born swimmers. But while some of them love water, flounder in it, and some – can not stand it. In this they are similar to people.

Guinea pigs can swim, but it is given to them quite hard. Yes, you yourself and then do not long love to swim, because a long occupation of swimming is very tiring.

If you throw a guinea pig into the water, it will float. But this is more the hopelessness of the situation than from one’s desire. This guinea pigs are different from dogs and other animals that like to swim.

Ability to swim guinea pigs inherited from their distant relatives capybaras who love water, live on the river bank, eat aquatic vegetation and can be under water for 5 minutes.