Can hamsters eat apples ?

Hamsters can be given apples, but too many of them can cause them indigestion or diarrhea. Dwarf hamsters prone to diabetes mellitus should be fed with apples rather sparingly and only as a rare delicacy. Never feed a hamster with apple seeds, as they contain poison.

And you also need to thoroughly wash any vegetables and fruits that you use as food for your pet, as they can contain harmful pesticides on your surface.

Hamsters love to save and store their food, so you can give your hamster a big slice of apple and see how much it will eat and keep it.

Hamsters are cute, cute and playful little animals. If you want to have a hamster, you must provide him with proper nutrition. This can be quite a difficult task, since the ration of the hamster should be varied with a sufficient number of nutrients. You should also not change the feeding regime of a hamster too often.