Can hamsters eat bananas ?

Yes, hamsters can eat bananas. Nevertheless, they are very sweet, so if you keep a dwarf hamster, it is not recommended to feed bananas. Syrian hamsters, on the other hand, adore bananas and can eat them more often, 2-3 times a week.

The most suitable amount of banana for a hamster is one small slice so that it does not store it and that the banana does not deteriorate. You can also buy dried bananas, all hamsters like dried fruit, and when your pet will eat a banana, you will be able to hear the characteristic of them and quite a nice champing.

The main food for hamsters is cereal. Now there are commercially available granulated feeds mixed with grain (oats, wheat, millet …). Plus, all sorts of crunchy goodies. Such food delivers hamsters pleasure and benefits, grinding off the incisors.

Hamsters are very fond of nuts and sunflower seeds, but this is not very good for their health. Therefore, do not feed them only with seeds and nuts. Feeding should be varied.