Can hamsters eat blueberries ?

Yes, hamsters love and can safely eat blueberries. Bilberry is a healthy enough food for hamsters, and it can be used as a treat in moderation. Dwarf hamsters, such as the Djungarian and hamster Roborovskogo, who are prone to the development of diabetes, should eat blueberries in small or even tiny quantities.

Blueberries contain a lot of vitamin C, which will never be superfluous in your hamster’s diet, so that he and his wool remain healthy and beautiful.

Hamsters can eat bread depending on its type. You do not have to feed the hamsters with white bread, because it contains little nutritional value, and white flour is heavily processed and quickly turns into sugar in your pet’s body. Black, rye or gray bread, bread with bran – these types of bread will be excellent treats for your hamster.

You can also buy special organic bread with seeds and cereals. Some people believe that the most useful part of bread for hamsters is its crust.