Can hamsters eat bread ?

And so, first, let’s talk about white bread for hamsters. White bread is not recommended for hamsters. Why? – It is baked with white flour for bread, which has a lot of starch, in the same way, there is quite a lot of food bleach, which does not bring useful benefits for the hamster, and even vice versa – it hurts. Conclusion: white bread does not bring benefits, it is better not to give the hamster.

We go further. Black bread. Can it be safely given? Answer: Alas, no, you can not. Why? – The fact is that black bread has high acidity, because of which hamsters have certain problems with digestion in the form of increased gas formation and fermentation processes.

In addition, constipation may occur. Conclusion: You can not give a hamster black bread. Still, it should be noted that the common feature of any bread is the presence of yeast. They will not be of use to a fragile hamster.

Is it possible to give crackers for hamsters? – Yes, you can. Dry bread is the only bread that can be given to a hamster. They will not contain yeast, like fresh bread, and besides the hamster can grind its ever-growing teeth about it.