Can hamsters eat cabbage ?

Yes, hamsters can eat cabbage in small quantities. As with other vegetables, too much cabbage can cause diarrhea and upset stomach. Cabbage contains a large number of vitamins C and K, as well as other vitamins and minerals that will help maintain the health and excellent appearance of your hamster’s wool.

Can hamsters eat popcorn and corn ?

Yes, hamsters can be given popcorn if it’s ordinary popcorn without adding sugar or salt. One piece of popcorn can be an excellent and healthy treat for your hamster, as well as corn, as popcorn inherits all of its nutrients. Be careful not to give your pet hot popcorn or corn, as it can get burned.

Please note: if you have doubts about feeding your pet with any specific products, you should seek professional advice. Remember that any product in unreasonable quantities can harm the animal’s body!