Can hamsters eat carrots ?

Yes, hamsters can eat carrots. Moreover, carrots are an excellent vegetable for your hamster, because it is not sour and hard enough. Hard carrot pulp will help keep your pet’s teeth in good shape. Carrots are also ideal in terms of vitamins and minerals, which will provide your hamster with the majority of microelements it needs.

Some types of dwarf hamsters, such as Djungarian and Roborovsky hamster, are prone to diabetes, so you should not give them too much sweet foods. Carrots contain a small amount of sugar (about 4.5 g. Per 100 g.), so it can be safely given as a treat for the prone to diabetes dwarf hamsters.

To prevent upset stomach and watery stools, carrots, like other vegetables, are recommended to be used in small amounts and not every day.

All the greenery should be collected away from the roads, if possible outside the city. You can give leaves of dandelion, plantain, clover, meadow grass, lettuce, beet and carrot tops. Useful for hamsters and sprouted grain (oats and wheat). In winter, rodents should not lack a hay.

To grind the incisors give branches of trees (previously washed and scalded with boiling water) – apple, linden, maple, birch, willow, raspberry, black currant, dog rose, pear and others.