Can hamsters eat celery ?

Yes, hamsters can be given celery. There are many dubious reports that celery can lead to strangulation in hamsters. To avoid such cases, you can give the hamster very thin slices of celery so that its fibers are short enough.

Celery contains many useful substances and minerals such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, manganese and many others that will help your pet stay in good shape. Celery also contains coarse fiber, to which the digestive system of a hamster is well adapted. As with other vegetables, feed your pet with celery in reasonable small amounts and not every day to avoid having an upset stomach.

Can hamsters eat cookies, drying ?

Hamsters should not be given a cookie, because it contains a large amount of sugar and has a low nutritional value for them. Ordinary drying, on the other hand, without sugar and additives can be used as a rare delicacy.